WordPress as a Service

We don’t just build websites; we build relationships.

There are web design agencies, web development firms, and web hosting companies.  Do you care about the differences?

Probably not.

You need a website.  You need ongoing support.  You need performance tuning and search-engine optimization, and software upgrades.

What you don’t need is a runaround.

You need a partner.  You need KMD.


WordPress is the software behind one in every four websites you visit. Its ease of use is one of the reasons why it's so popular, and we provide both hands-on and online training materials.

...as a Platform

At KMD, we leverage the power and flexibility of WordPress - and our extensive knowledge of it - to expedite our process. This saves us - and you - time and money.

...as a Service

Websites have to live somewhere. Our WordPress environments are fast and secure and allow us to take care of you and your website sites long after launch day.

Initial consultations are always free.

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