We don’t need no stinkin’ control panel!

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Two decades into the 21st century, did you think you'd still be looking at this?

Web hosting really hasn’t changed much over the past two decades. It’s still about super-cheap shared hosting plans that are slower than – as we say in the south – “molasses in January” – and offers to upgrade to a “VPS” which means a) you’ll pay more for a slow website and b) you’ll need to be a Linux command-line guru to set it up.

And what is all that stuff on those “control panels,” anyway?  FTP (insecure and antiquated), SSL (isn’t security your host’s job?!), and, oh, a thousand extra software packages that you can install with a click… that you don’t need.

But hey… we’re not haters here! To each, his or her own. We just thought maybe some of you would like something… better.

Like the world’s most popular tool to create websites.

Like… fast. And reliable. Already secure, already optimized.

Oh… and did we mention fast? (Because slow websites lose customers… your customers.)

We thought maybe, just maybe, you might like to focus on your business, and your website’s message and content… and never, ever have to think about technical acronyms and server specs.

The “cloud” word gets tossed around the proverbial water cooler like last weekend’s football scores, but at KMD we know how to use it to keep your costs down and your hits up.

Yes… you’ll pay – a fair price – to have passionate, brilliant, hand-picked tech nerds in your corner. And what you pay us – for your business’s website – is still probably less than your monthly cable TV bill.

We’re not web hosts… we’re WordPress as a Service. Meaning we’re serving up WordPress on a platter, and we’re not walking away… we’re owning it, and we’ve got your back every step of the way.

If your website – your business – matters to you, then make the shift… to real cloud technology, to WordPress as a Service… to KMD.

Kenn Kitchen

Kenn Kitchen

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