We’re KMD Enterprises, LLC, a web services firm located in “Gig City,” Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Aside from our blazing-fast bandwidth, Chattanooga was named by CNBC as one of the seven best American cities in which to found a startup, and, for us, it’s a hometown of which we’re very proud.

KMD Enterprises was founded by experienced IT professionals who work with and love WordPress and the web.  Given that we live and work in a town known for high-speed Internet and entrepreneurship, this gig might just have been inevitable.  Being an entrepreneur in Chattanooga feels more like family than competition, and we’d like to bring that spirit to the rest of the world.

We Value: a) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; b) Working software over comprehensive documentation; c) Customer collaboration over contract negotiation; d) Responding to change over following a plan.

The statements above are taken from the Agile Manifesto, a radical change in software development that was first envisioned way back in 2001.

The agile development movement and its many offshoots led to a change in the way that software was made, and while it still has its detractors, we at KMD Enterprises believe that it’s the best way to build software (and websites).

“Agile” means that we will want to consult with you early and often in the process of developing your website or browser-based application.  We know that humans don’t always know what they want until they’ve seen some examples of what they don’t want.  We know that things change… often rapidly… and as developers we need to be able to roll with it.

At KMD Enterprises, we have professional training and certifications in Agile software development, and it’s an intrinsic part of everything we do (including running our business!)

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