We’re KMD Enterprises, LLC, a web services firm located in “Gig City,” Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Aside from our blazing-fast bandwidth, Chattanooga was named by CNBC as one of the seven best American cities in which to found a startup, and, for us, it’s a hometown of which we’re very proud.

KMD Enterprises was founded by experienced IT professionals who work with and love WordPress and the web.  Given that we live and work in a town known for high-speed Internet and entrepreneurship, this gig might just have been inevitable.  Being an entrepreneur in Chattanooga feels more like family than competition, and we’d like to bring that spirit to the rest of the world.

When you work in a tech field, it sounds a little strange to say that you have over a century of experience… but we do. Our founding team has over a hundred years of combined, enterprise-level IT experience.

But don’t go thinking that means we’re not keeping up with technology. Our decades of experience means that we know enough to avoid “bleeding edge,” but we love leading edge as much as any other self-respecting nerd.

Our experiences vary widely, from databases and servers, to UX and design, to coding applications using Agile development methodologies. Our goal is to bring all that to bear for a single purpose: to make the experience of creating, growing, and sustaining amazing websites.

At KMD, we don’t just build websites; we build relationships.

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