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From the CEO

Scaling to Survive the “Hug of Death”

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of… some massively-popular site links back to you and sends tons of hits to your website. Only it quickly becomes a nightmare for a lot of sites because they’re not prepared for the onslaught.

From the CEO

On “WordPress as a Service”

You came to build a website using the world’s most popular tool for site creation, and you want it to always be there, always be fast, and always be up to date. We provide WordPress. Installed, turned, and ready for you to start customizing and adding content.

From the CEO

Cutting Edge Hosting

Most of us pay more for cable TV than we do for web hosting (and if you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have much time for TV in the first place!)  Yet the statistics show, a slow website directly affects your bottom line.

From the CEO

The Need for Speed

The image shown below is a speed test from our own website, taken on the evening of this post, using Google’s own Lighthouse website testing tool.  And this isn’t something that we just do for ourselves; this is the standard that we set for every website we host.

At KMD, we don’t just build websites; we build relationships.

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