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10 pros and cons of the hamburger menu

The hamburger menu is a navigation element you can find on websites, apps, and programs.

Its delicious name comes from its design: it’s comprised of three horizontal lines resembling, well, a hamburger.

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Use Online Quizzes To Boost User Engagement

Nowadays, we’re easily distracted by constant stimuli, especially if it’s on the internet where there’s 24/7 news, unlimited video and music streaming, as well as inboxes that light up every minute with new messages and emails.

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Making a Simple Cell

This tutorial covers the basics of creating a view cell based upon an “articles” table, similar to the one from the blog tutorial on  It is written using CakePHP 3.

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Using Templates in Go

Templates in Go are provided through the built-in package “text/template” and “html/template”. In this post, we’ll use the latter to show how to format simple web pages in Golang.

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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, Part One

With over 50K packages in the plugin repository – all open source – the code within these plugins is all over the place. Getting a plugin hosted with WordPress just isn’t that difficult, and everyone from well-meaning amateurs to professional software development companies are represented. Each have their own coding styles and development standards (or lack thereof) and there are brilliant examples of stellar code and, well, examples of what not to do.

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