KMD Enterprises offers a full range of development services centered around WordPress, from websites to custom plugins to complete browser-based applications.

From design to development, to hosting, support, and ongoing optimization, we handle everything necessary to get your business online.

Our team of specialists has been hand-picked by KMD Enterprises’ CEO and founder, Kenn Kitchen, not only because of their amazing skills, but also because they meet stringent guidelines of character and ethics.

Web design is, basically, when you need a website.  Regardless of whether or not you have one already, it’s taking your business and representing it well in an online and mobile format.

Among other things, this involves the gathering of content (words, images, video, etc.) and arranging it so that finding it is intuitive for your site’s visitors.

Web Design is also picking the best color scheme and font combinations for your site, and designing page layouts.

In our world, we often only have seconds to capture the attention of site visitors.  Good web design does that, and it is both an art and a science.

Web Development is slightly different from Web Design but the two often intermingle.  Web Development is when your site requires custom functionality.

Because we work exclusively with WordPress, we can often find plugins (add-ons) that provide the required functionality.  In other cases, we find that it’s something that we need to write ourselves.

We have several experienced developers on our team who love what they do.  Whatever you have in mind, it’s probably doable by KMD Enterprises.

In many (most?) cases, the person or firm that designs and develops your website isn’t the same group that hosts it.  Web Hosting is where the website lives, and it’s really important.

We wanted to keep hosting cost-effective but at the same time observe high industry standards.  We found that an awful lot of web hosts didn’t meet our standards, and those that did charged accordingly.

We also realized that if we had control over both the code behind the websites and the servers upon which they run, we could make them better.

So we built our own network but rather than just repeat what other hosting services were doing, we’ve taken a different approach: WordPress as a Service.  We don’t sell space on shared servers, “virtual private servers,” or even virtual machines.  We just give you fast, reliable, scalable WordPress… which, we think, is all you really wanted in the first place.

If you require something big – a network of sites, for instance – we can help.  We have created multisite networks to serve large organizations with multiple divisions as well as corporate intranets.

In addition to conventional infrastructure configurations, we are highly skilled with Docker (container-based deployments) which provide exceptional scalability and redundancy.

Please contact us if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

At KMD, we don’t just build websites; we build relationships.

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